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Wholehearted Mission Statement

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Every good organization has a mission statement right? When making ours, we tried to keep it simple, but really drive home the point of why we feel we've been called to do this!

Here's our Mission Statement, and an explanation of what it means.


Wholehearted Mission is committed to connecting people to truth through relationship, to live an abundant life with freedom and confidence.



  1. Connecting people to the truth of the Gospel through the Word of God.

  2. Connecting people with needs to other organizations or resources in the community.

  3. Walking alongside people through their life.

  4. Connecting people with others in their community that can relate to the situations of that season of life, and can provide insight, advice, discipleship and mentor-ship.


  1. Finding ways to relate to a person's situation in order to understand and provide real and useful assistance.

  2. Building strong relationship among a group of people in order to provide the relational support system that many of us seek.

  3. Finding a living mentality of "Better Together."

Abundant Life:

  1. Finding ways to enable people to live a life of purpose and abundance.

  2. Establishing a mentality of having a life worth living.

  3. Finding people's spiritual gifts and enabling them to use those gifts in practical and tangible ways.

  4. Teaching that the Fruits of the Spirit can contribute to an abundant and successful life.

Freedom and Confidence:

  1. Establishing a mentality of freedom from the bondage of sin and the past.

  2. Being free to have ideas and feelings, and to act on them in Confidence.

  3. Knowing worth, enabling confidence in one's action and live to live in a forward-thinking mentality, instead of looking behind at past failures and circumstances.


Practical Applications that we hope to one day achieve

  • Designing, administering and teaching a curriculum based on the Word that focuses on spiritual growth and the practicalities of living a life as discussed in the mission statement.

  • Gathering and having group prayer events.

  • Providing small group gathering opportunities for relationship building, mentor-ship, discipleship and discussion about life situations.

  • Providing photography resources for individuals and families that would otherwise be unable to afford professional photography services for professional head shots, maternity shoots, children and family photos, etc.

  • To sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote/advocate for families in need.

  • Group activities that involve some form of community service or volunteering for other organizations in the community.

  • Providing for the practical needs of today's busy families (Ride sharing, childcare, scholarship, etc.)


We hope this has been able to bring some clarity to what we stand for and what we want to do with #Wholehearted and we hope you'll join us!

- Wholehearted Team

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