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About Us

What is Wholehearted?

Wholehearted Mission is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women and their families who are in transition to embrace wholehearted living. We believe that through the power of Jesus, along with safe, loving, healthy and Christ-centered relationships and experiences, we can create opportunity for change! 

The question isn't about what we do, rather its about who we are. Wholehearted Mission is about freedom and confidence in who we are and who we are created to be! 


Who do you serve?

We come alongside women and their families who are in transition.


"Transition" What does that mean?


We all go through transition throughout our lives; however, there are many cases where that transition leads us down a road of trauma, tragedy, destruction and hopelessness. These transitions could be anything from unexpected pregnancies, abuse, recent incarceration, divorce, newly single parent households, to transitions in faith or lifestyle and more. Our goal is to help all those who are seeking refuge, wanting to make a change in their life and go after their dreams!

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