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The girl behind the lens

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Meet Kayla

Photographer | Encourager

Ever since I can remember I have always enjoyed photographs. Whether it was looking around at the memories in people's homes or capturing the moment in my mind (and eventually with the camera), I've always had an eye to see ways to capture life.


My photography journey started out over 5 years ago. Things started out as just a hobby, then an opportunity arose to assist a well-known wedding photographer in the area. The experience taught me so much that I eventually made the leap to shooting "out on my own!" Once I started, word of mouth traveled fast, and that is how a portfolio grows! So here I am, a girl who loves seeing the beauty in everything and is open to continue learning, collaborating and capturing your special moments.


My passion is for women to know their true worth in who they're created to be. What better way to show a woman she is seen, heard and loved than through imagery. It gives her a healthy way to see herself as beautifully loved and capable of pursuing her dreams


 I believe there is power in an image that shares life, love and beauty; its truly captivating.

Your story matters, let's tell it!

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